Me and My Shadow

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever done shadow art? Have you ever seen shadow art? You are about to see.

In class we did Me and My Shadow art.
Ayla Shadow

I chose an artist because that is what I am hoping to be when I grow up. My favorite part of my art is the splatters and graffiti. I also like the cracked brick. I did the easel to show that I am painting something.

How I did this:

First you need to take a picture of your self doing something. Then glue it onto a piece of paper near the middle. Draw your shadow and do the background how you wish. Shade in things that you want shaded. Then you are done! It is not actually that quick

My favorite part was the graffiti in my art because I spent a lot of time doing it. I feel like I achieved my goal in making this art because I was creative and successful on finishing it on time. I wish I had more time to add a bit more bricks to make it look nicer.

There is this website called PICMONKEY you can edit different things. I tried this:
12 Ayla Shadow Fixed

Have you ever done this? Comment and tell me.

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Hello Everyone,

Most of you are probably wondering (1) What the heck is a Neanderthal and (2) Is this girl crazy? Well I have the answers for you.
1. A Neanderthal is one of the many early human ancestors that we have. The Neanderthal were the closest Early Humans to almost become a human.
2. No I am not crazy I would just prefer to be this type of an early human.

Anyways in my post I will tell you why I want to be a Neanderthal.
By Tim Evanson [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the many reasons I would like to be a Neanderthal is because they were the first early humans to be able to talk fluently. It was important to be able to speak because if one of your tribe members were in danger (or fell in a hole, which was a big joke in my class) then it would be hard to communicate to say “Hey Come Help and Get Me Out Of This Hole!” If they could only go like this “OOH!” Like a monkey it would not make that much sense because what if that was the only thing that they could say. It was also important to communicate to find things to hunt. If one of the tribe members say a big mammoth and knew that they could not defeat it by them self, they would have to go and just say “Could you please come and help me get this mammoth for dinner tonight?” If they couldn’t speak again they would sound like a monkey screaming and they would probably be pointing to where the mammoth was.
By che (Please credit as "Petr Novák, Wikipedia" in case you use this outside Wikimedia projects.) guidance: Danny B. (che) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

They were built to do things that humans probably could not do. They were built for running faster, walking faster, climbing trees faster, to make things easier they were built to be faster than us! I think that it would be awesome to be able to be faster than the humans especially if the Neanderthals were alive right now, then in track and field the Neanderthals would win! But that will never happen because Early humans are long gone. Being faster would also be great to outrun predators, especially during the hunting season because if you were trying to catch one of the really fast animals and you missed with your spear and didn’t have any extras you would probably want to be able to outrun them. It is also the same with predators. If a human were to try and to this he/she would probably fail. Being able to run fast might have been very useful when a tribe member was out hunting and see/hears a stampede coming, they could easily run to the rest of the group and say there is a stampede coming take cover!
By Andy Docker from England (Stampede!) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Not that there was domesticatedsheep during the early human time but this is what a stampede looks like.

I also would like to be an early human because the were almost as smart as us, almost built like us, they were either better than us or the same as us which is why I would like to be one. The big difference is that we are people that have polluted our land, not taking care of the environment, invented things that might give you cancer and worst of all create a population of 7.4 billion people and yet we are the only human species of our kind to have lived on the earth for such a short period of time and still create and astounding population! If I were a Neanderthal I would still not have reached such a big population.
That is why I want to be a Neanderthal.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

What kind of early human would you like to be? Comment and let me know.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Hello Everyone,

I love Charlie Brown! It is one of my favorite things to watch during the holidays.
If you like Charlie Brown read on and if you don’t this might change your dislike.

One of my favorite things in Charlie Brown Christmas is when they are trying to do the play and instead they play the song Linus and Lucy.

Today in class we watched the Charlie brown movie and answer some questions.
Some of the questions were like: What do people think of Charlie Brown?

I loved that question because what the answer was. It was “BLOCKHEAD” because Charlie Brown is kind of stupid and he doesn’t have that many friends. 🙁
Lucy is one of my favorite characters because she is such a bossy boots and if she was not in Charlie Brown it would just not be the same.

This year (a couple of days ago) was actually the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of Charlie Brown.

Ernesto Lago via Compfight

The story of Charlie Brown is actually pretty cool. My

teacher Ms. Smith showed us the making of Charlie Brown. Here it is:

I totally recommend watching this video even if you are not a Charlie Brown fan. It is very good.

My Top 5 Favorite Characters

snoopylucypigpensallycharlie brown

1.   SNOOPY! Snoopy is so cute and awesome! 🙂 I love the way he cuddles with his best friend Woodstock. Woodstock is a shy little bird who kind of stays out of the way. Unlike Snoopy is not shy at all and is very funny.

2.   LUCY! What would Charlie Brown be without the famous bossy boots Lucy. Lucy is very bossy and if things don’t go her way, expect the worse.

3.   PIGPEN! Pigpen is a very funny character who has probably never had a shower before. He is dirty and rotten and I would not like to see him after playing in mud.

4.   SALLY! Sally is Charlie Browns little sister who acts so innocent but actually is very selfish and has a huge crush on Linus

5.   CHARLIE BROWN! It is true Charlie Brown is a big BLOCKHEAD!!! In all of the Charlie Brown movies, shows and comics almost every single says blockhead (to Charlie Brown.) The movies would not be the same with out Charlie Brown because he is the main character!

One of my favorite parts in the Charlie Brown Christmas is the true meaning of Christmas which Linus starts saying very randomly but it is hilarious!!!!!

Well that is all for me today. I hope you consider watching them because they are awesome!
Comment and tell me what you think of the Charlie Brown movies.


Count Out Three (Blogging Challenge Week 8)

Maple leaf 1 2 3

Hello Everybody,
This weeks challenge on Ms. Wyatt’s student blogging challenge we had to do Count out Three. What you had to do was look at the October Students 2015, pick a blog and then comment. Look at that person’s blog and pick a blog, then comment on that person’s blog, look at their blogroll and find a blog and comment.
Here is what I did:

Esther’s Blog: Esther is a blogging friend of mine. I met her by seeing her blog on the student blogging challenge classes. In the count out three I left her a comment. Here it is:

Hi Esther,
I love your awesome tune! I can’t get it out of my head. 🙂
When I at first went onto the website I totally knew what it was because my music teacher showed us it.

On Ether’s blog roll it showed some blogs and I picked Claudia’s Blog: On Claudia’s blog it showed the same challenge that I did on Esther’s blog. It was very cool so I commented. Here it is:

Hi Claudia,
My name is Ayla. I love the challenge that you did. I know that challenge because I did the exact same one because I pa take in Esther’s challenges. I love you your character! 🙂 It sounds like he really likes music.
Visit my blog

On Claudia’s blog I left my url because I have never commented on her blog before, but Esther knows my url because we are blogging friends.
Claudia’s blogroll had lots of blogs, but I picked Iggy’s blog.

On Iggy’s blog it had a music thing that Iggy made so I checked it out and commented. Here it is:

Hi Iggy,
I’m Ayla. I love your tune! 🙂 Those guys are so funny. You have inspired me so I think that I am going to make a beat like that! 🙂
Visit my blog at

Well, that it is all for my count out three. I hope that you all will check out these people’s blogs because they are truly amazing!

Check out all of these blogs and tell me what you think of my count out three.


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2.Leo Reynolds via Compfight
3.Chris via Compfight

Crazy Monster

Hi Everybody,

This week on Esther’s blogging challenge she told me to look up or make a crazy animal monster.

I looked one up. Here it is.
Baby Alien at Uncle Joe's Tavern

Wasfi Akab via Compfight

In Esther’s blog post activity we were supposed to say the combinations of animal parts in this monster.

  • I think that this monster has a part of human in it.
  • This monster looks like that it has some lizard in him.
  • The monster looks like pterodactyl (te-r-a-dacto) which is a flying dinosaur. Not that this monster flies but the head shape is like a pterodactyl’s.
  • It also looks like it is an alien

Fact File:
Name: Looch (L-oo-ch)

Birthday:  February, 2,  100

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Grapes

Favorite game: Mario cart

Favorite sport: Eating kids

What he like to do in his spare time: Playing with flowers

I hope that you guys liked my dinosaur. Comment and tell me what types of animals you think are in this monster.

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Hello Everyone,

This week’s student blogging challenge is to write a post on nature. Since I don’t know much on nature I am going to write about my favorite flowers.

I am super excited for Christmas so right now so I am kind of thinking about Christmas flowers! 🙂

My all time favorite flower is a poinsettia. It is very pretty and normally is used near Christmas time as a decoration. It is red and normally consists of more than 5 petals.

Gene Diaz Jr. via Compfight

My second favorite flower is a tiger lily. Tiger lilies have many different colors but I like the pink ones because it consists of lots of colors, such as: pink, white, black, yellow and orange. Unfortunately my mom does not grow them in her garden because the deer ate them.

DSC_2905e dramatic
jjjj56cp via Compfight

My third favorite flower is actually not a flower, but a plant. It has to do with Christmas too. It is a Holly Bush! 🙂
Holly bushes are found pretty much anywhere including the forest at my school. I don’t know the amount of times I have been pricked by holly bushes when playing capture the flag! 🙂

Holly berriesCreative Commons License
Sarah Joy via Compfight

Are you excited for Christmas? 🙂 Comment and tell me your favorite flower and if Christmas flowers are your favorite .


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Remembrance: A Single Soldier

Returning from the Front: A war-weary and muddied Canadian returns alone from the front. Cigarette in mouth, the soldier glares in the direction of the photographer. George Metcalf Archival Collection CWM 19920085-028

Hello everyone,

It was just Remembrance Day and so I decided to write a poem for a contest. Read on to find out.

A soldier, one single soldier standing alone. Wet, cold, tired, waiting.
Waiting for when the war will stop
and the white flags will go up to say

we surrender

or to mean that the war is over.

Father, brother, nephew, grandpa.
His family wonders if he will come back
dead, injured or alive.

I feel his pain of the gun just rubbing against his shoulder.
I feel his feet stinging with pain as he goes to get help
I feel the anxiety and terrible feeling brewing inside him.
I feel his heart beating after every limping step he takes.

He wonders if the people at home are supporting him.
I can see the anger, the sadness, and nervousness in his eyes.
I see the path that he walks upon torn up by shells
and the place that used to be a happy town
before the war started.
Before the war started.
He wonders when the war will end

I can smell the blood dripping from his wounded shoulder.
I hear the cries as the guns hit innocent people just trying to make it home.
His  family sits in silence waiting for the mail to come
saying “I am alright, I will be okay.”

They know that when he comes back he will be wounded
because even if he is not hurt on the outside,
every single soldier who comes back|
is wounded inside permanently
because seeing your closest friends
die right in front of you,
smelling the blood that pours out of their leg,
as they lie in a deep trench,
being held up by dirt and sand,
seeing bombs, gun fires and dead men
is the worst thing you can possibly ever experience.

No soldier comes back unwounded.
I hope you enjoyed my poem.

Comment and tell me if you think I will win the contest! 🙂


Esther’s Blog is Awesome!

Hello Everybody,

Could there be a new blogging challenge?

For those of you involved in the student blogging challenge you may have seen this girl’s blog. Her name is Esther and she has been inspired to do her own random blogging challenges from Ms. W who runs the whole student blogging challenge.

This week was Esther’s first challenge post. It was to write a new shopping list with foods mixed together. Her examples were boot-cream (boot flavored ice cream.) You can do almost anything with this type of shopping list so here is what I came up with:

  • Cucumber Cake ( a new cake with cucumber in a cake)
  • Smellon ( a combination of melon mixed with strawberries combined into the shape of a melon)
  • Sock Cream ( same idea as Esther: sock flavored ice cream) IMG_2632.jpg"Pickles & Ice Cream" Baby Shower Cake

Karen McCown via Compfight

OrchidArts via Compfight

  • Sausage Mix ( powdered sausage that you add with water and it magically makes a sausage)

Well that is all for this challenge. Visit Esther’s Blog so that you can be in this challenge. You do not need to register just do the challenge and comment back to her.

I will be doing this challenge every week so come back to see the weird and awesome things that I post. 🙂

~Ayla 🙂